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Event Center Terms


Make sure everything is available that you have requested.

If the temperature is uncomfortable, message Tara at 870-664-3049.

Make sure you understand how to operate any devices provided.


Bensberg Event Center is Non Smoking.

If someone must smoke, please do so outside and away from the entrance.

There is no beer or hard liquor permitted on the premises.

We cater to clients who want to remember their event the next day and for years to come.

Bensberg Event Center is pet friendly.

We understand that pets don't all use human facilities so please take your pet to the side of the building to do their business. If they don't quite make know what to do.



Remove all decor and supplies from your event.

Clean up any and all spills.

Ensure all trash is collected.

There are large trash bags available inside the credenza.

Contact someone to let them know when you are ready to leave and pay final payment.

Ecostructure Incorporated will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur on the premises.

If the building and/or any equipment is damaged during an event, the paying client will be held financially responsible for repairs and/or equipment replacement.

The final payment is due by the end of the event and will be collected at that time.

If an emergency arises (medical emergency, weather conditions, etc.) and an event must be canceled, Bensberg Events will refund the deposit or reschedule the event if the client so desires. 

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